The Original and Still the Best. The AXLE Spinner.

The idea was simple from the beginning, Let’s make Fidget Spinners not suck. As with most things that start out as a simple idea, soon we had a highly complex yet elegantly simple design that was unlike anything before it. We did the work to prototype and refine the gears several times to eliminate “Sticky Gears”. This is something that the imitators never did figure out.

The Genius Behind the Gears

Our first attempt at the free floating center gear resulted it the gears being sticky when spinning. This is because we made the teeth straight and they would all lock up on each other. We took it back to the drawing board and came up with a solution, offset angles on the teeth. Now? They spin like a DJ at school dance.

The Greatest Form of Flattery- Imitation

The AXLE spinner has had its fair share of imitations. some of these imitators got pretty close but it seems that none could figure out the gears. Even one Chinese company that mass produced a close copy and even marketed it with our name on a lot of online sites (assholes). View the picture below, If you bought an “AXLE spinner” and got one of these you got duped.

Still the Best

The AXLE spinner filled a gap in the fidget spinner market and still holds the spot. It’s not expensive, it’s not just a spinner, and it’s badass looking. Your mom loves it, and your friends are jealous of it. Haven’t ever played with one? you should definitely consider giving one a try.