Battle Bots are coming Back

That’s right the best nerdy show ever made is on it’s way back to your tube this spring. Discovery Network is going to be airing all new episodes this may, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Lets head to the store and pick up a 12 pack of mountain dew and a couple bags of doritos and get ready to view some carnage. 

What was your Favorite Battle Bot?

Our favorite was Tombstone obviously, because of the sheer brutality of that spinning Bar. With every connection the opponent and Tombstone both would go flying in opposite directions. Sparks would rain and shrapnel would explode everywhere. What are your thoughts? In the comments tell us about your favorite bot and a quick reason why, but lets not start any battles. we can save that for the premier. 

Thank you Ray Billings

The genius engineer that is the Brain Behind the Beast. Battle Bots would have been a highly different competition without his hard work. Ray’s dedication to the destruction of other bots is unrivaled. We are glad that he doesn’t work for SKYNET because the machines would be unstoppable. Our ankles wouldn’t stand a flipping chance. Thanks Ray, you’re a true hero of destruction.


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