WTF is The Issue?

There is a lot of talk lately about emotional support animals on airplanes and what is acceptable. A girl got bit by a dog last week on a southwest flight. A scorpion got loose on a plane. I personally couldn’t bring my emotional support Ewok on a flight just a few days ago. What is the guideline on what animals are considered “emotional support animals”? That is where the whole problem stems from, Only the individual who needs the support can decide which animal makes them feel better. If a scorpion does it for you that’s awesome, but should you be allowed to fly with it? We say absolutely, you should be able to fly with a support companion. But it’s the same as having pets, you have to be responsible.

The Animals Aren’t the Problem

People are the Problem. If there is ever an opportunity for someone to take advantage of something, there will be a line of people waiting to ruin a good thing for everyone who needs it. “Yo Doc I just Googled what a Sugar Glider is and they are Hecka cute, Imma need dat to helps wit my anxiety I have from not having a Sugar Glider”. It is true that many people do need and benefit from emotional support animals, and I’m sure most of them will agree that there is a bunch of turds that are probably going to take advantage and mess up their right to travel with a support companion. 

The Solution

Unfortunately there is no easy solution to this issue. Let’s ban all animals from all flights; wont happen. Better screening to determine whether emotional support animal is appropriate; probably not going to happen. Just let anyone bring any animal with them on any flight; this would be the most entertaining option. Alas none of these suggestions are plausible. The outcome will probably be the Airlines deciding on a much more limited list of “acceptable” support animals. So before we all lose everything let’s enjoy the freedoms that we do have. I wonder if I can fly with my Goat? 


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