Can’t decide on that new tattoo?

Check these winners out, maybe you’ll catch some inspiration.


  1. That face, those legs, the definition in those body rolls. If this tattoo doesn’t make you feel powerful I dont know what will.


2.Calm down there buddy, you might have had too much meth.


3. This Ronald McSexy tattoo is just a win.


4. Proud of me now DAD?!


5. Honestly this tattoo is cool but a poster would have been just as cool and a lot cheaper.


6. Wonder if Thom Yorke has seen this masterpiece.


7. The GD wrecking ball is crying! GTFO!


8. (-_-) that is all


9. Show the world you mean business by getting this dying cat with a penis nose on your WHOLE F-ing body!


10. Remember to never let anyone hold you back, The sky’s the limit!!


What are you waiting for?! Go out there and get tatted up scro! It only lasts forever!!


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