Bearing Caps


Bearing Caps

Get your sausage fingers away from those bearings! Sausages don’t belong on bearings, caps do. Nicknamed AXLE Caps because they were specifically designed to enhance the look, feel, and performance of your AXLE spinner. These caps will fit into other spinners but most other caps will not fit into the AXLE spinner, that’s just how we roll. Designed to resemble the hammer head from our logo we stayed away from a traditional round cap to leave the center bearing partially exposed because c’mon, its fun to watch them go.

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  • No sausages on your bearings
  • Perfect fit in your AXLE spinner or any other spinner
  • Designed to resemble hammer logo
  • Destroyer Brands logo branded perfectly onto one cap and Viking head on the other
  • Light weight super strong Mil-Spec composite



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